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deflina_mariage's Journal

Deflina Ma'riage
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gu.KIYO vo.狂華 [kyouka] ba.彩 [aya] gu.TOMO

other members:
◇ex. support drummer: K
◇ex. support drummer: どこでもドラ (キナルラ) - dokodemodora (kenllre)

welcome to the first livejournal community for the band deflina ma'riage :D!
deflina ma'riage is a japanese visual kei band and this community is dedicated to anything that concerns them, including: music, scans, photos, live reviews, live schedules, translations, news, fanfiction, fanart, icons, and just about anything else that concerns the band or members of the band (including the members' other current bands and past bands).

◇please keep all posts related to deflina ma'riage and the members of deflina ma'riage
◇please post all large images under a cut (just dont post a huge picture in the main part of an entry)
◇please post all mp3s and/or videos as friends only
◇please don't spam. advertise only if it is related to the band
◇please don't make rude comments to the band, members of the band, or members of the community. they will not be tolerated
◇please support the band!

moderator and creator:

aile, aliene ma'riage, aya, candy crunch speaker, chaos†system, cupid, deflina ma'riage, deflower, elia~イリア~, joker, key party, kiyo, kyouka, kyouka†, marilyn☆dustschool, misery, missalina rei, noir fleurir, re-fire, the ask, tomo, zero, どこでもドラ, アウティズム, キナルラ, ドラ, , 狂華, 龍神