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1/28 information update - Deflina Ma'riage [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Deflina Ma'riage

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1/28 information update [Jan. 30th, 2007|02:22 pm]
Deflina Ma'riage


about the "MARY" privileges

there will be a presale at the sponsorship live on january 30.
the people who purchase it on this day will receive a not-for-sale poster.
*30 first arrivals*

cd shop. they have determined now that at "third stage"
those who buy it will get a privilege message cd attachment.

the privilege will be a sticker for those who purchase through Deflina Ma'riage mail order.
(present schedule)
and THEN, i received the latest cure yesterday, and on the back of it theres an ad for deflina...
apparently sometime in may, deflina is going to release their FIRST DVD entitled 『Deflina Ma'riage』!!!

From: adeuslegend
2007-02-02 08:06 pm (UTC)
dawn dun remind me i order from brandx when 3rd stage showed they had no more mary for pre order but yesterday was back up.... with the comment cdr privilege but 3rd stage i just check stated the privilge will be delayed :( damn
and brandx have no privilege for it .. *emos* with brandx lol

first DVD? oh it really great news to hear that. cant wait for their dvd.
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